The Benefits of Aging

by Kathleen on April 2, 2013

By Fred Lalonde


We hear a lot about what to expect when we age and most of what we hear is not very positive. We gain weight and lose muscle, have less energy, have more pain, etc……

This article is about what improves with age. Cheese improves with age. Wine improves with age. People can improve with age also.

It’s not possible to live life without experiencing stress. All we can do is try to find ways to cope with it as best we can. The encouraging news is that people over the age of 65 reported having less stress.

Seasonal allergies can become less severe as we age. This is largely because the production of an allergic antibody starts to decrease when you’re in your 40s and 50s.

Many people suffer from debilitating migraine headaches. The good news is that in many cases migraines decrease or disappear entirely with age. Migraines typically start around the age of 20 and persist for about 25 years.

One study revealed that among migraine patients with an average age of 55, the headaches disappeared in 30 percent of patients during the 12-year study, and 91 percent had not had a migraine in at least two years.

According to “Immunity and Aging”, each time our bodies are exposed to a virus, it develops antibodies that help protect you against that virus in the future. This natural immunity develops over your lifetime, so by the time you’re older you’ve come into contact with far more “bugs” than someone half your age. This may explain why 20-year-olds get an average of two or three colds per year (and children many more), while after age 50 one or two colds a year is the norm. 

This is also why people aged 60 and over were less likely to develop the H1N1 swine flu virus in 2009, as most had already developed some pre-existing immunity to the strain.

However, your immune defenses do tend to decline with age. Some people think part of the reason for this is related to chronic inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response that’s meant to be temporary, but over a lifetime it can become chronic and systemic.

A lifetime of experiences is something that no school could ever teach. In most cases we tend to get wiser with age. Research shows that older adults make better decisions than younger adults.

According to a National Council on Aging survey, many people over the age of 60 maintain active sex lives. Not only that but 70 percent said their sex lives were either as satisfying or more satisfying than they were in their 40’s!

The idea that sleep becomes progressively worse as we age may not be true after all. According to relatively new research, in a study of over 155,000 adults, those 80 and over reported the fewest sleep complaints, and both sleep disturbances and the level of tiredness decreased with age.

According to “Psychology Today”, as we grow older, we become less concerned with how others perceive us and more concerned with living according to our inner beliefs. With age comes experiences that allow us to accept our lives more fully and focus on the relationships and pursuits that bring us the most joy and fulfillment, rather than on those that bring more superficial pleasures.

fredFred Lalonde considers himself to be a ‘Retired Junior Senior’. He first developed an interest in working with seniors in the 1980s, when a friend asked Fred to assist in providing a church service at a senior’s retirement home. Fred eagerly participated because he’d always thought that seniors were often the forgotten or neglected people in our society.

Over the years working with many Seniors, Fred has noticed five things that are consistently important to almost all seniors: Family, Dignity, Independence, Health and Safety. Fred to enable seniors to remain in their existing homes as long as they want. Married with 2 daughters, 3 grandsons and cats.

Kathleen Cleary is a Caregiver Coach and Consultant helping Professional Women find the answers they need to continue living their best life while caring for aging parents. As a Certified Senior Advisor, she offers Seniors and their adult children customized plans of care as well as resources and information to help them navigate the challenges of aging.

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