How Can We Make Daily Life Easier…for You and Your Loved Ones?


I have created this page so you can easily find products that will do just that … make life easier!

It is hard enough being a caregiver and figuring out how best to help those we love who are faltering and losing some of their ability to cope with life’s demands.

I will be researching the benefits and features of the products on this page and posting those that I feel really offer the kind of help caregivers, and those they care for, are seeking.


This first program is my very own online program. To learn more visit:      

Putting Your Ducks in a Row

The video below covers the 3 Critical Mistakes Even Smart Aging Parents Make That Leave Adult Children Confused and Unprepared When the Unexpected Happens. It will clarify the importance of the Prepare For Life Program, Putting Your Ducks in a Row.

If you were suddenly incapacitated or lost your life today, would your loved ones know what to do? Would they KNOW what your wishes are?

 Medical Alerts



Help When You Need It…Care Innovations Link-Mobile

Inside your home, while walking, driving, biking and hiking, our miniature cell phone “Clip” is married to a discrete, athletic Wristband that can be comfortably worn day and night. The Wristband can be used to manually or automatically trigger a request for help which can be sent to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones or notify our 24-hour a day emergency response center.
GPS enabled medical alert

                  Emergency Response Re-Imagined:

Say “good-bye” to compromise

Lively has reimagined what you should expect for medical alert help at
the push of a button with a stylish watch– and offers missed medication
alerts, and more. No need to compromise for 24/7 protection again.

Home Health Products    If you would like to find a one-stop shop for many helpful health products and more for Seniors, visit Elder


my important info

My Important information is a reasonably priced subscription service to a product that offers Peace of Mind, both to people who are aging and perhaps living alone, as well as to their families.

You enter only the information you want to onto a website. If you are ever incapacitated or cannot speak for yourself, a window decal, refrigerator cards and a wallet card will alert those coming to help you such as~

First responders can immediately see your important information, such as:

  • Your primary and designated contacts (family, friends, neighbors)
  • Location of medications and important documents
  • Your basic medical information and conditions to help them help you
  • Your preferred hospital
  • Efficient help with our First Responder Report

In an emergency, those coming to your aid can see:

  • Location of your important documents
  • Care of pets
  • Care of dependent children
  • What you need if you are taken to the hospital
  • Who else to contact by phone, email, or text
  • Names and phone numbers of your doctors

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Hoveround offers many solutions for mobility, aging in place safely, and fall prevention. From power wheelchairs and scooters to lifts and ramps, they have many options.

 Their website answers many questions on Medicare and insurance and room by room suggestions for safety.

Learn more at:

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