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“Before I worked with Kathleen, I was having difficulty handling all my Mom’s needs with a great deal of stress. My Mom suffers from Alzheimers’, and COPD. Just dealing with her Alzheimers’ and it’s multiple issues was getting to be overwhelming. Kathleen certainly understands the challenges faced by caregivers. Her calm demeanor and wise advice has helped me to focus, create plans of action and get the job done.

I’m back to coordinating all my Mom’s care without a lot of stress and headache. Kathleen has also helped me recognize and acknowledge the value of all I do.Thank you for helping me get back on track!”

~Ann Mazzarella,   Madison C

“I had come across your website and thought to myself “what a nice website to have as a tool to help through a rough season of life”.

My mom had her first stroke in September 2012, and a 2nd stroke in December 2012. I soon became the daughter sandwiched in the middle, and I felt like I had a HUGE SUPER SUB sandwich of weight bearing down upon me.

Your website was of great comfort to me (and still is). I feel as though now I have someone I can go to if I need help in planning and getting through this new stage of life. I enjoy your articles and find them very helpful.

My only advice to any one that has aging parents is that it is NEVER too early to start the planning. Believe me, as a child who is in an emergency room being asked “what medications does your mother take?” and not knowing the answer is a very stressful state to be in. However, being there for your parent (s) and being prepared is a moment of triumph!

Kim Steadman

Thank you for all you do to help those of us “sandwiched” in the generations!”

~Kim Steadman





“Kathleen’s advice is extremely valuable as both a resource link and a health teaching tool for many caregivers.

 Through my eyes as an RN, health maintenance and prevention of illness, complications, injury or further disability are paramount responsibilities for elder caregivers.  Kathleen’s newsletters often focus on prevention, offers assistance to working adults along the continuum of concerns that can arise when caring for aging-in-place parents.  The newsletter Emails arrive with catchy titles/subject line drawing readers in to learn more from Kathleen’s anticipatory guidance.  The results are about health for all – the caregiver foremost.

As a Parish Nurse, working closely with congregation members across the lifespan, elder-care and caregiver challenges require health ministry support on almost a daily basis.  I find after reading Kathleen’s newsletter that I often have occasion to share Thriving in the Middle newsletter topic/content within my faith community and RN circles.”

~Lori Bulger, RNLori Bulger

“I wanted you to know how much this post has meant to my family and me. My eldest brother’s mother in law (the “other grandmother” ) was suddenly diagnosed in the fall with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that was spreading.  She is in her final days/weeks and I sent this to him and his children. Carl tells me they have read it several times and found it really helpful to hear from someone who has “been in this place.”

 You are doing wonderful work and it’s a great way to honor your mother!

 Lauryn Franzoni

“Kathleen’s presentation opened a whole new world to me for care of our loved ones. I wish that I had met her when

Dotty’s mother was ailing and had to go into a nursing home. I now have more information for my father who is 84 as he will be needing help soon.”

 ~Don Raiche, Card Payment Solutions

“I thoroughly enjoyed Kathleen’s presentation on resources available to help care for aging relatives.   Her depth of knowledge and ability to communicate the information that is needed in a clear and succinct  manner is outstanding.    She is definitely the “go to” person for all questions regarding the best approach to senior issues.”

~Kathleen Hazelett, Broker Owner, Dayspring Realtors

“I wish I had attended a presentation like Kathleen’s, a few years ago, before my mother went into a nursing home.”     ~Stu Besnoff, Owner of Alpine Solar Heat and Hot Water, Windsor, MA