Kathleen Cleary is the proud Founder of ThrivingInTheMiddle.com, the place for you if you’re a busy professional who’s struggling to add caring for aging parents to an already full plate.

As an Aging in Place Specialist, Kathleen helps working women find the answers and resources they need to help their parents age safely in their own home as long as possible and create a plan for changing eldercare needs that offers peace of mind to her clients and their parents.

Her mission is to help all working women live their happiest, healthiest, wealthiest and most balanced and productive life while helping their parents with the challenges of aging.

She’s the author of the ebook, “Mom & Dad Are Aging: Critical Clues They Need Help.”

An engaging speaker and proud publisher, Kathleen hopes all women who are caught in the Sandwich Generation—caring for their own families while also caring for aging parents and grandparents—will take advantage of the tools and resources offered in the Thriving in the Middle community.


Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 18 years of experience in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University. Galia is the author of “My Money Matters”, a boxed set of affirmations, tips and workbooks featured in Newsweek and TODAY show.




image of Lisa Birnesser

Lisa Birnesser is a Stress Management Coach at Stress Relief Solutions. She helps entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with stress. When clients work with Lisa they learn how to relax, get focused, and deal with the effects of stress naturally.

In her 26 years as an occupational therapist, Lisa has conducted stress management, coping skills and assertiveness training classes in her career. Recognizing the value of stress reduction, Lisa has devoted the last eight years of her professional life to her massage therapy practice.

Lisa received a bachelor of science in occupational therapy from the University of Kansas in 1985. She graduated from the Center of Rehabilitation Education massage program in Knoxville in 2005. She currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.



image of Lisa Kneller

Lisa Kneller is the publisher of MidlifeLivingWell.com, a lifestyle magazine   dedicated to empowering mid-lifers in creating exuberant health, financial security and abundance in everyday living. Her aim in life is to inspire others to live to their fullest potential in mind, body and spirit.

Having taught yoga in the Phoenix area for 10 years, Lisa enjoys seeing others light up and restore as they move their bodies and begin resting their minds. She combines her love of yoga and marketing to help others become their best selves through her inbox magazine, www.midlifelivingwell.com

Lisa has been married to her husband for 27 years and has two adult children. Almost an empty nester, she continues to maintain a full-time life of service in teaching yoga, publishing and church ministries.




Wendy Packer, R.N., is a dynamic lecturer and workshop leader for hospital grand rounds, support groups and civic organizations. An adult education teacher and R.N. Educator, her nursing career spans decades working in hospitals, clinics, home care and doctor’s offices.

She is a Certified consulting Hypnotist and Reiki MasterTrainer. Wendy speaks frequently on the importance of taking care of self as a caregiver and is the creator of a social network for caregivers in all caring roles.

Wendy is the Co-author of the book, ‘Are You in a Caregiving Relationship and Don’t Know It: Finding a Balance of Loving and Caring’, published by Hypnocaregiver.



Tony Rovere


Tony Rovere became a VERY unprepared caregiver after his mother’s heart attack forced him to  navigate the red tape of dealing with Medicare and Medicaid.

Having gone through this, he realized that others could benefit from his experience. This is why he founded StuffSeniorsNeed.com, to be a resource for seniors and their

caregivers to find the essential resources they needto lead more rewarding and stress-free lives.








photo of Matt LarsonMatt Larson is an entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to solve big problems and make the world a better place. He cares deeply about the importance of families and was inspired to start CareSimply after talking with many families who struggled to find care for their loved ones.

Matt has worked with several startups and venture capital firms. Most recently he was Director of Operations at Rhomobile which he helped to grow and sell to Motorola Solutions. He has a BS in Accounting from Brigham Young University.


image of Fred Lalonde

Fred Lalonde considers himself to be a ‘Retired Junior Senior’. He first developed an interest in working with seniors in the 1980s, when a friend asked Fred to assist in providing a church service at a senior’s retirement home. Fred eagerly participated because he’d always thought that seniors were often the forgotten or neglected people in our society

Over the years working with many Seniors, Fred has noticed five things that are consistently important to almost all seniors: Family, Dignity, Independence, Health and Safety

Fred created SeniorandHomeCare.com to enable seniors to remain in their existing homes as long as they want.

Fred is married with 2 daughters, 3 grandsons and 2 cats.


Jory H. Fisher, JD, ACC is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs build profitable, successful, purpose-centered businesses and lead prosperous, joyful, purpose-guided lives. She hosts the popular internet radio show Heart & Soul for Women of Faith: Reflections on Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity and is a founding faculty member of the Professonal Christian Coaching Institute. Before launching her coaching and mentoring business in 2008, Jory served as a founding law professor and associate dean of Liberty University School of Law. She also practiced law in the Commonwealth of Virginia for almost twenty years. To learn how Jory can help you glorify God through success, please visit www.womenfindpurpose.com or contact her directly at jory@womenfindpurpose.com. Jory holds coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation, the Christian Coaches Network, the True Purpose™ Institute, the Institute for Life Coach Training, and the Career Coach Academy.

Jennifer Zwiebel is a professional organizer and consultant based in New York City. Jennifer’s path to both personal and professional organization was a hands-on learning process. Happily, she discovered that one need not be born organized in order to live an organized life, one could learn.

Jennifer’s aim is to make her clients’ lives easier. By teaching time management and organizational skills through hands-on work and by providing consistent support for her clients, she helps people conquer chaos and achieve their goals.




Coach Tonia Boterf has over 25 yrs in the business professionally, having personally cared for 3 of her own relatives, raised a special needs child and had gathered disabilities in later life which enables her to ‘understand’ your situation. She offers concrete solutions to the issues you face.

Check out the wide variety of e-books, print books, articles, coaching services and the independent living assessment on her website: http://www.helpwithagingparents.com.



Jeannie and Thomas Compter are Certified Health Coaches with Take Shape for Life / Dynamic Health Coaching. They support clients through their initial weight loss AND teach the healthy habits that enable you to keep the weight off for life.

The Take Shape for Life program is a doctor approved program. More than 20,000 doctors have recommended this fast, safe and proven program since 1980.

This program is all about helping you reach a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Finances.



NancyCohenNancy Cohen, owner

Nancy’s professional experience includes 20 years in planning and managing marketing projects for the public and private sectors, work which helped her develop top-notch organizational and communication skills.

Having moved ten times herself, Nancy has first-hand knowledge of the demands of relocation. She started Moves Made Simpler after helping her parents and her in-laws downsize from houses to apartments and seeing first-hand how difficult and stressful moving can be, especially for older people. Since starting Moves Made Simpler in 2011, Nancy has helped dozens of clients with their transition to a new home.

Moves Made Simpler

We serve Berkshire and Hampshire Counties, Mass.; Albany and Columbia Counties, NY; and Litchfield County, CT. If you need help outside of this area, we can help find a senior move manager to assist you.

Moves Made Simpler is fully insured and bonded, and is a member of the National Association of Senior Moves Managers (NASMM).


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