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Travel with Seniors

April 16, 2013

Having just returned from a 10 day trip to the Caribbean, I’ve been giving some thought to how to travel safely with Seniors so they can continue to enjoy the many benefits of getting out in the world.

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7 Tips to Avoiding Financial Elder Abuse

February 19, 2013

Financial elder abuse is becoming an increasing problem in our society. The frightening part is the sophistication of these scammers:

By preying on the emotions of our seniors, they are able to convince them to wire money to unknown accounts.

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Adult Children Caring for Parents and Avoiding Medical Errors

February 12, 2013

Recently, published the following article in their newsletter:

Children caring for parents often assist in keeping track of their parent’s health records. This can be a daunting task as many seniors see multiple physicians who may prescribe several medications for a variety of conditions. Keeping good medication and medical records can help prevent dangerous medical and medication errors.

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When the Time Comes

January 29, 2013

Last night I read a wonderful publication published by HospiceCare in the Berkshires, Inc. called “When the Time Comes” a Caregiver’s Guide. This sweet little booklet was written to help those of us who are not in the medical field, learn what to expect when a loved one is dying as well as things we can do to care for someone in the final weeks and days of life.

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Crucial Steps to Hiring an Independent Home Caregiver

January 15, 2013

(Image: National Senior Living Partners Network) Yesterday we went over the Pros and Cons of hiring home caregivers for your aging parents independently or through a Home Care Agency. Today I am going to talk to you about the steps you should take if you’ve decided to hire a freelance caregiver on your own.       There […]

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35 Adaptations & Accommodations for Aging Parents

January 15, 2013

By Tonia Boterf Difficulty bathing – is likely due to fear of falling and usually takes many accommodations to overcome. Color of dishware/accessories/tabletop ease meal time difficulties – color of dinner plate should be in sharp contrast against table or placemat. For example: white plate on red mat. This creates less mess because the senior can see […]

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Home Care for Aging Parents: Costs & Options

January 14, 2013

                                                                             Image from So we’ve been talking about introducing help around the house for aging parents. Many families begin with friends, family members or volunteers when possible to serve as companions or do some light housekeeping, transportation or meal preparation for Seniors. Others hire in caregivers for these duties. As your aging parents’ […]

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Home Care Options for Aging Parents…Start Here

January 13, 2013

When Seniors begin to consider having some extra help around the house or with their daily activities, they often prefer to start with people they know. I had this experience with my own Mom. When we decided it was time to get some extra help, I told her I could ask a friend, hire a […]

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Five Easy Steps to Finding and Hiring an In–Home Caregiver

January 8, 2013

As your parents and other loved ones get older, your top concern becomes providing them with the care they need in a comfortable environment. A comfortable environment for aging Americans increasingly means remaining in their own home, rather than moving to a retirement home or other institution.

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Choosing Useful Gifts for Seniors

December 18, 2012

So, it’s time to find the perfect gift for your loved one. This can pose a challenge if we think traditionally about our elders and what they might need—another tie, a book, a new sweater? Leaving you feeling somewhat empty and uncreative?? If you start to think outside the box and really put some thought into what […]

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