Inspiring, Mentoring and Empowering Working Women

to Successfully Add Caring for Aging Parents to an Already Busy and Active Life


I’m delighted you’d like to learn more about how I can help you on your caregiving journey. 

When we cross the threshold from ‘Cared-for’ to ‘Caregiver’, life can feel a bit scary. 

After all, our parents have always cared for us. No one taught us how to handle the emotions, the challenges and the decisions we’d face when Mom and Dad started to need us.

Suddenly, we become the family caregiver.

It may be Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, heart attack or stroke, broken hips, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), cancer or any number of conditions that start to creep into our parents’ lives and begin to limit their ability to live safely in their homes without help.

I’m Kathleen Cleary…

For over 16 years, I cared for my aging parents while running four successful small businesses, managing a home, writing a book, volunteering in the community, AND raising 3 sons. 

Life has always been very, very busy. Perhaps you can relate?

Despite the daily craziness, I managed to find the answers and resources that I needed that helped me successfully combine caring for my parents with managing my home, family, health and work life.

Today I am passionate about helping working women who are caught up in the stresses of the Sandwich Generation be prepared and organized not only in their own lives but with their eldercare plans so they can remain happy, healthy and productive while playing such an important role in the life and well-being of their families and their parents.

Caring for Aging Parents is Not Easy – You Don’t Have to do it Alone

One of the most common mistakes I see people make is to decide that they CAN do it all themselves.

And that is the fastest path to truly feeling trapped by one’s life and overwhelmed by all that is on your plate:

  • Tasks and demands come at you from all angles, making you feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • Your most important relationships suffer as you don’t have the time or energy to devote to nurturing them
  • You become the very last person on your list and your physical, emotional and spiritual needs are rarely met
  • As joy and passion begin to drain away, you don’t recognize the person staring at you in the mirror
  • You find yourself on a fast path to burnout at a time when your family and your parents need you most

When we work together, we’ll take a look at your situation as well as your parents’ and I’ll help you become a prepared and empowered caregiver.

I’ve designed my programs with the unique needs of busy working women who are family caregivers in mind. Perhaps you need a simple consultation to help you get organized and learn what resources are available to you.

Or you might want more on-going emotional and practical support with the details of eldercare management, giving you a sense of control and peace of mind during this challenging journey.

 Which Program is Right for You?

 I. Caregiver Consultation:

This program is ideal for the caregiver who simply needs an assessment of her current situation and a plan of self-care and family-care to put in action.  Includes:

  • 90 minute assessment of current situation

  • Introduction to recommended key resources

  • Custom plan of care with recommendations

II. Caregiver Coaching Client:

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the demands on your time and need guidance and answers on how to best help your parents manage their care, while continuing to manage your own, I offer several Coaching Packages. They are designed for those who seek support for shorter periods. These include:

  • 90 minute assessment and planning meeting

  • 45 minute coaching sessions

  • Key resource recommendations

  • Custom plan of care with recommendations

  • Unlimited email support

Coaching Packages are available in sessions of 4, 6 and 8. Calls can be arranged weekly or bi-weekly.

Public Speaking and Presentations:

I offer informational and inspirational presentations to womens’ groups and associations, corporations, churches, etc.

Topics include:

  • The Five Wishes: Getting the Quality Care You Want When You Need it Most ( a presentation of the Agency for Aging with Dignity)
  • Coping with Caregiving: 5 Proven Steps to Successfully Manage a Healthy, Happy and Balanced Life While Caring for Aging Parents
  • Conversations with Seniors – Opening tough topics with our parents 
  • Tips for Seniors to Avoid Financial Abuse: A Guide for Seniors and Those Who Care for Them
  • Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? A discussion on the transfer on no-titled property 

CSAColorMemberLogo Home

I earned my designation as a Certified Senior Advisor® to better help Seniors and their adult children navigate the many challenges of aging and eldercare. I strive to help Seniors remain safely in their homes as long as possible while also creating plans to deal with changing needs that allow for a sense of control and peace of mind both for parents and their adult children.

It IS possible to have a successful career or business while ALSO caring for parents and living a life that brings you joy. If you are feeling trapped by the demands of building a career or business while caring for aging parents, your family and your life, let’s talk!

I’d like to offer you a complimentary 20-minute ‘Caregiver’s Consultation’. We’ll roll up our sleeves and take a look at the biggest struggle you have in your caregiving journey. We’ll begin creating a plan to help you combine your life and career with caring for your parents, so you can become an empowered caregiver, loving the life you live while helping your parents age gracefully.

To schedule your 20-minute free call, email me at:

or call 413.822.1280

Skype: kathleen.cleary12

I coach clients via the phone or internet so geopgraphy is no concern!

“Before I worked with Kathleen, I was having difficulty handling all my Mom’s needs with a great deal of stress. My Mom suffers from Alzheimers’, and COPD. Just dealing with her Alzheimers’ and it’s multiple issues was getting to be overwhelming. Kathleen certainly understands the challenges faced by caregivers. Her calm demeanor and wise advice has helped me to focus, create plans of action and get the job done.

I’m back to coordinating all my Mom’s care without a lot of stress and headache. Kathleen has also helped me recognize and acknowledge the value of all I do.Thank you for helping me get back on track!”

~Ann Mazzarella

Madison CT